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Volume 46, Number 5, October 2000


Human Exposure to Mercury and the Accumulation of Methylmercury that is Associated with Gold Mining in the Amazon Basin, Brazil
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (132 kB)]
Hirokatsu Akagi and Akira Naganuma.....323


Secondary Metabolism of Dinitrobenzyl Glucuronide Related to Production of Genotoxic Compounds of Dinitrotoluene in Male Wistar Rat
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (156 kB)]
Masa-aki Mori, Miki Shoji, Michio Sayama, Takashi Kondo, Masami Inoue, and Ken-ichi Kodaira.....329

Multiresidue Analysis of Pesticides in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables by Supercritical Fluid Extraction and HPLC
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (156 kB)]
Akiko Kaihara, Kimihiko Yoshii, Yukari Tsumura, Yumiko Nakamura, Susumu Ishimitsu, and Yasuhide Tonogai.....336

Cyanide and Thiocyanate Levels in Blood and Saliva of Healthy Adult Volunteers
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (132 kB)]
Kouichiro Tsuge, Mieko Kataoka, and Yasuo Seto.....343

Simple Pretreatment Method for Monitoring of Norephedrine in Urine and Tyramine in Food Sample Using Liquid-Liquid Extraction
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (236 kB)]
Hideo Isono, Toshihide Suzuki, and Hisao Nojiri.....351

Cytokine Production by Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells after Exposure to Heavy Metals
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (352 kB)]
Maria Beatriz Guinto Villanueva, Shinji Koizumi, and Hiroshi Jonai.....358

Supplemental Intake of Isoflavones and Zinc-Containing Mineral Mixture Enhances Bone Components in the Femoral Tissue of Rats with Increasing Age
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (220 kB)]
Zhong Jie Ma, Aki Igarashi, Masaru Inagaki, Fumio Mitsugi, and Masayoshi Yamaguchi.....363

Radiocesium Concentrations in Wild Mushrooms and Characteristics of Cesium Accumulation by the Edible Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus)
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (884 kB)]
Hideo Sugiyama, Hiroshi Terada, Hisashi Shibata, Yohoji Morita, and Fumio Kato.....370


The Occurrence of Dual-Gender Imposex in Japanese Freshwater Crab
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (864 kB)]
Tohru Takahashi, Akira Araki, Yuji Nomura, Minoru Koga, and Koji Arizono.....376


Dynamics Analysis for Emission Sources of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Tokushima Soils
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (172 kB)]
Takashi Korenaga, Xiaoxing Liu, and Yoko Tsukiyama.....380

Direct Determination of Nitrate Using Nitrate Reductase in a Flow System
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (140 kB)]
Hisakazu Mori.....385

Mutagenicity of Cooked Hamburger is Reduced by Addition of Ascorbate and Erythorbate to Ground Beef
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (132 kB)]
Tetsuta Kato, Kazuyuki Hiramoto, and Kiyomi Kikugawa.....389