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Volume 55, Number 6, December 2009


A Problem of Climate Change as Seen by a Pharmaceutical Researcher

[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (196 kB)]
Yasunobu Aoki.....857

Global Warming and the Water Crisis
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (652 kB)]
Shinjiro Kanae.....860

The Emerging and Forecasted Effect of Climate Change on Human Health
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (224 kB)]
Ichiro Kurane.....865

Atmospheric Pollution and Its Countermeasure in East Asia from the Viewpoint of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (1.82 MB)]
Kazuichi Hayakawa.....870


Mass Spectrometric Identification of Chemical Warfare Agent Adducts with Biological Macromolecule for Verification of Their Exposure
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (0.97 MB)]
Kouichiro Tsuge and Yasuo Seto.....879

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Quinones as Redox and Electrophilic Chemicals Contaminated in the Atmosphere
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (180 kB)]
Yoshito Kumagai.....887


Comparison between Plasma and Urine Thiocyanates and Urinary Cotinine Determinations as Indicators of Cigarette Smoking
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (200 kB)]
Haj Mouhamed Dhouha, Ezzaher Asma, Neffati Fadoua, Douki Wahiba, and Najjar Mohamed Fadhel.....895

Persistent Exposure to 2,3',4,4',5-Pentachlorobiphenyl (PCB118) Induces Hyperalphacholesterolemia in Rats
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (448 kB)]
.Dae-Yong Han, Hyeon-Soo Park, Kwang-Il Park, Sang-Rim Kang, Jae-Hyeon Cho, Won-Sup Lee, Eun-Ju Kim, Eun-Hee Kim, and Gon-Sup Kim.....901

Combined Use of Acid Fibroblast Growth Factor, Granulocyte Colony-stimulating Factor and Zinc Sulphate Accelerates Diabetic Ulcer Healing
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (3.50 MB)]
Shaoqiang Lin, Hengwu Xu, Jian Xiao, Yanlong Liu, Yi Zhang, Lu Cai, Xiaokun Li, and Yi Tan.....910

Effects of Cytochrome P450 Inducers on the Gene Expression of Ocular Xenobiotic Metabolizing Enzymes in Rats
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (584 kB)]
Toshimasa Sugamo, Kayo Nakamura, and Hiroomi Tamura.....923

Expression Analysis of Estrogen-responsive Genes Vitellogenin 1 and 2 in Liver of Male Medaka (Oryzias latipes) Exposed to Selective Ligands of Estrogen Receptor Subtypes
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (504 kB)]
Akemi Yamaguchi, Hiroshi Ishibashi, Shinya Kohra, Koji Arizono, Keisuke Kato, Takayuki Nakahama, Yuichro Kanno, Yoshio Inouye, and Nobuaki Tominaga.....930


Comparison of the Solid Phase-supported Receptor and Ligand Competitive Assays for Biotin
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (360 kB)]
Makoto Muratsugu, Namiko Amano, and Rie Takeda.....939


Involvement of Reactive Oxygen Species in Abnormal Tropoelastin Deposition Induced by UVA-Photosensitizers
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (332 kB)]
Satoshi Onoue, Risa Nonaka, Fumiaki Sato, Chiharu Koide, Akinobu Hayashi, and Hiroshi Wachi.....946

Decreased Gene Expression of Testicular Cell-Specific Proteins in Cadmium-Induced Acute Testicular Toxicity
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (940 kB)]
Kiyomitsu Nemoto, Shoji Miyajima, Shiori Hara, Ryosuke Saigusa, Masaki Yamada, Hiroshi Shikama, Shuichi Yotsuya, Masashi Sekimoto, and Masakuni Degawa.....952

Errata [PDF (347 kB)] .....957