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Volume 50, Number 4, August 2004


Metallothioneins and Neurodegenerative Diseases
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (460 kB)]
Isao Hozumi, Masato Asanuma, Mitsunori Yamada, and Yoko Uchida.....323

Transcriptional Regulation of the Metallothionein Genes
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (106 kB)]
Fuminori Otsuka.....332


The Physiological Effect of DE QI during Acupuncture
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (563 kB)]
Tsun-Cheng Kuo, Zong-Shiow Chen, Ching-Hsein Chen, Feng-Ming Ho, Chii-Wann Lin, and Yu-Jen Chen.....336

Acute Erythropoietin Infusion Increases Rat Glomerular Filtration Rate by Partly Stimulating Intrarenal Nitric Oxide Production
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (182 kB)]
Kubilay Uzuner, Nuray Yazihan, Yasemin Aydin, Ruhi Uyar, and Suat Bagla.....343

Ginkgolides Protects the Cultured Rat Cortical Cells against Metabolic, Excitotoxic and Oxidative Insults
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (148 kB)]
Yu-Yang Zhang, Qing-Hai Yu, Song You, and Li Sheng.....348

Cardiac Functional Analysis by Electrocardiography, Echocardiography and in situ Hemodynamics in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Mice
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (614 kB)]
Yan Li, Yan Gu, Ye Song, Li Zhang, Y. James Kang, Sumanth D. Prabhu, and Lu Cai.....356

Penicillamine Selenotrisulfide as a Selenium-Source in Mice
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (287 kB)]
Mamoru Haratake, Masahiro Ono, and Morio Nakayama.....366

Effects of Iron Overload on Hepatic and Renal Metallothionein Levels in Rats
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (237 kB)]
Akira Yasutake and Kimiko Hirayama.....372

Development of a Specific and Sensitive Bacteria Sensor for Detection of Mercury at Picomolar Levels in Environment
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (208 kB)]
Tomoko Omura, Masako Kiyono, and Hidemitsu Pan-Hou.....379


Transcriptional Determination of Sexually Dimorphic Expression of Nuclear Receptor Constitutively Active Receptor (CAR) in Wistar Rats
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (242 kB)]
Yuichiro Kanno, Tomomi Moriyama, Hiroyasu Ichikawa, Masaki Mizuno, Takayuki Nakahama, and Yoshio Inouye.....384

A Smoking Case in which Dimethylamphetamine as a Pyrolysis Product of Methamphetamine (MA) was Detected in the Urine of MA Abuser
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (324 kB)]
Motoyasu Sato, Kenjiro Ito, and Hisamitsu Nagase.....389

Preparation of Metabolites by Chemical Reaction: Conversion of Antipsychotic Phenothiazines to their Sulfoxides and Tertiary Amino Cyclic Antidepressants to their N-Oxide with Hydrogen Peroxide Using Titanosilicate Catalyst
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (381 kB)]
Akira Ogamo and Mariko Fukumoto.....396

Intracisternal Administration of p-n-Octylphenol into Neonatal Rats Causes Hyperactivity Concomitantly with the Terminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase-Mediated dUTP Nick End-Labelling (TUNEL)-Positive Cells in the Mesencephalon where Immunoreactivity for Tyrosine Hydroxylase is Reduced by the Chemical
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (236 kB)]
Masami Ishido, Yoshinori Masuo, Syuichi Oka, Etsuo Niki, and Masatoshi Morita.....407

Classical Conditioning of Metallothionein Synthesis in Mice
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (124 kB)]
Masuo Kondoh, Daisuke Kodama, Yoshiteru Watanabe, and Masao Sato.....413


Transcription Factor HUB1 Represses Sp1-Mediated Gene Expression through the CACCC Box of HTLV-I U5RE but not the GC Box
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (300 kB)]
Takahiko Tamura, Tsuneaki Sakata, Hisanaga Igarashi, and Koichi Okumura.....417

Zic1 is a Transcriptional Repressor Through the Lamin A/C Promoter and has an Intrinsic Repressive Domain
[Abstract], [Full-Text PDF (187 kB)]
Koichi Okumura, Yuko Hosoe, and Noboru Nakajima.....423