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Volume 47, Number 1, February 2001


Short-Term Screening Method for the Prediction of Carcinogenicity of Chemical Substances: Current Status and Problems of an in vivo Rodent Micronucleus Assay
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (192 kB)]
Sei-ichi Sato and Isao Tomita.....1


Regulation of Cell Fate by Cadmium and Zinc
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (512 kB)]
Masami Ishido and Manabu Kunimoto.....9


Comparative Study on in vitro Inhibitory Effects of Heavy Metals on Rabbit Drug-Metabolizing Enzymes
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (192 kB)]
Takayuki Nakahama, Yoshio Inouye, and Morio Fukuhara.....14

Analysis of Aldehydes in Water by Head Space-GC/MS
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (192 kB)]
Naeko Sugaya, Tomoo Nakagawa, Katsumi Sakurai, Masatoshi Morita, and Sukeo Onodera.....21

Nitration of Pyrene in Metallic Oxides as Soil Components in the Presence of Indoor Air, Nitrogen Dioxide Gas, Nitrite Ion, or Nitrate Ion Under Xenon Irradiation
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (192 kB)]
Hidetoshi Sugiyama, Tetsushi Watanabe, and Teruhisa Hirayama.....28

Specificity in the Metabolic Activation of Chlorinated Ethylenes by Cytochromes P450 in Primary Rat Hepatocytes
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (512 kB)]
Takayuki Nakahama, Ikuyo Maruyama, Mami Endo, and Yoshio Inouye.....36

Enhancing Effect of Zinc and Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone-7) on Bone Components in the Femoral Tissue of Female Elderly Rats
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (192 kB)]
Zhong Jie Ma, Aki Igarashi, Konosuke Yamakawa, and Masayoshi Yamaguchi.....40

Detection of Differentially Expressed Genes in Esophageal Carcinoma Using Non-RI Differential Display with High Specificity
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (1.1Mb)]
Rie Oka, Itaru Ninomiya, Hideji Taniia, Kouichi Miwa, and Kiyofumi Saijoh.....46


Removal Efficiency of Defatted Seed for Organochlorine Compounds
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (160 kB)]
Atsuko Adachi, Tomoko Komiyama, Tomoko Tanaka, Maki Nakatani, Ryuske Muguruma, and Toshio Okano.....54

Okadaic Acid Remarkably Suppresses Testosterone Production in Murine Leydig Cells
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (128 kB)]
Shin Asada, Motokazu Koga, Kenji Nagao, Masako Tabata, and Ken Takeda.....60


Determination of Nitrate in Biological Fluids Using Nitrate Reductase in a Flow System
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (128 kB)]
Hisakazu Moria.....65

Analysis of DNA Adducts after Exposure to 1,4-Dichlorobenzene by 32P-Postlabeling Technique
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (416 kB)]
Hailin Tian, Bathini Madhusree, Morio Fukuhara, Masahiro Tohkin, Hiroshi Miyazawa, and Sumio Goto.....68

Detection of DNA-Reactive Metabolites in Human Serum after 1,4-Dichlorobenzene Inhalation: Role of Human Biomonitoring
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (416 kB)]
Hailin Tian, Bathini Madhusree, Morio Fukuhara, Hiroshi Miyazawa, Sumio Goto, and Toshiaki Yoshida.....72

Examination of an Internal Standard Substance for the Quantitative Analysis of Sarin Using 31P-NMR
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (128 kB)]
Yoshihiko Miyata and Hiroaki Ando.....75

Cytochrome C Release from Mitochondria Induced by Cadmium
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (448 kB)]
Masuo Kondoh, Satoko Ogasawara, Saeko Araragi, Minoru Higashimoto, and Masao Sato.....78

Beneficial Effect of Portacaval Shunt on Cardiac Contractility in Dogs
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (96 kB)]
Pallab K. Ganguly.....83

The Suppressing Effect of the Extract from Cassia nomame on Clastogenicity and Cytotoxicity of Mitomycin C in CHO Cells
[Abstract] [Full-Text PDF (160 kB)]
Shin'ichi Kadowaki, Kazufumi Naitou, Yoshinori Takahara, and Koji Yamamoto.....86